My English life

 English adventures (written by myself for an English magazine, summer 2008)

 During my life I have had several mystique experiences, that has changed my outlook on life. Life is a never ending story of learning and exploring. It can never get boring, if you have an open mind. The experiences  I am going to tell you about, all happened in England.

   Back home in Sweden in 2001, I had bought myself a computer. I was getting bored in my little town, where everyone knew each other to well. I started to browse  different international dating sites and after awhile I came in contact with an Englishman. I liked his way of writing, his good punctuation and also his intellectual emails that followed. One weekend we were up to 20 long mails back and forth. I felt I had met someone to really talk with about philosophy, books and history, instead of the local football score  and the local gossip. How different didn´t the relation turn out to be!

   Now and then I “hitchhiked” with a  lorry driver to the south of Sweden, to see my mother who lived in Malmö. He is a long-distance driver and we used to say good-bye when I stepped out of his lorry arriving in Malmö.He used to continue down through Germany and often into Italy with his load.

    This early morning we sat sleepy beside each other in the lorry; it was about 5 o´clock a Saturday morning and the sun was  not over the horizon. I always love this situation; sitting cosely in a warm lorry, the radio on and feeling the dawn coming on slowly, while the scenary outside the window change from the deep forest of my home town to the open plains of the south of Sweden.

    He put on the coffee and tells me that he is going to England this time instead of his usual trip. I mention my English “friend” on-line and joke about just turning up on his door step.One thing leads to the other; instead of visiting my mum I follow him to England. The trip would take about a week.  I want to call my English friend, but I also want to play him a joke, so I wait until we were on the M25 around London some days later.