My English life

   We are to unload a Swedish house somewhere in Kent and it is on a road in Kent I meet Chr. for the first time. I had called him, to his surprise and he had accepted to meet me for “ a coffee”. The lorry was to stay  just over night before heading to Birmingham the next day and then home to Sweden with another load.

   I had earlier read about “karma relations” but never really felt being in one. If you believe in reincarnation you will meet the one´s you need to meet in this life to undo old karma, they say. For the moment I didn´t remember a thing about that. Anyway, that day in Kent, when we shock hands and smiled towards each other, the first thought that passed my mind was: “It´s you! And I find you here in England, in this life!” I was a bit surprised about my reaction, but later sitting drinking coffee with him, I felt a feeling of “family”, like I already knew him. I hadn´t felt that during the emails; they had more been on an intellectual level, but afterwards I put it all down to our email contact and some phone calls anyway.

   For some reason.. the unloading didn´t go well; the three lorries, who had joined up to take the big house to England, were to big for the narrow English country roads.We had to reload the material onto other smaller English lorries. Suddenly I had more time to be with Christopher. We decided that I would do some touristing in London, before  the lorry would pick me up somewhere on the M25 from Birmingham.

    Before deciding to go to my mother that weekend, before knowing that I would go to England, I had dreamt of being in someone else´s appartement; first in a big living room looking out into a garden, where yellow and brown striped sun chairs were standing. Then I was in a kitchen and food were put in front of me all the time. Around me it was very untidy. When I finally entered Christopher´s appartement, I was chocked! It was the same living room, he had two exactly matching sun chairs as in my dream. He later came to be the one who cooked and put food on the table and it was very untidy! After a week as a tourist, we “fell in love”.. I stayed on in England and didn´t return with the lorry to Sweden…

  Much later down the time-line, I was standing in the shower talking to him through the shower curtain, while he was brushing his teeth. I stepped out of the shower and stopped talking, looking at him in fear! His appearance had changed into another person! He now looked like a person out of history, like a Greek statue and I was afraid of him! Then suddenly he changed back to his normal appearance. It was  very weired. I felt that my relation to him was not of the normal “love story” type. It was somehow a strange meeting between to very different personalities, that didn´t understand each other very well in life, but somehow, somewhere there was a thread that kept it going.

   Chr. retired soon after meeting me and  he showed me England at its best. I came down to the beautiful hills of the Southwest, visiting historical places like Stonehenge and Cerne Abbas, walking along the Dorset coast, learning about historical gardens, houses and churches. Upon visiting the cathedral in Salisbury, something very strange happened!