My English life

    Later on, I went to a kinesiologist in London to see what she could do for me. She came to the conclusion that part of my suffering was due to old wounds from earlier incarnations. I had cried much during my early childhood years and told my parents that some one had  put a knife in me..Of course my parents didn´t believe me. Well, this kinesiologist gave me flower remedies that would push me on; she said I was stuck between two incarnations, letting pain from the earlier one drop in to this one. The door between two of my incarnations wasn´t closed. That was a new idea!

   One day after a weeks treatment, I was on the way back to the appartement from the city center. I carried my inner pain as usual on my shoulder. Suddenly the sky opened itself and a big hand, the size of a lorry, came down over me. At that same moment, I saw an ancient sword being stuck into my left side all the way into my stomach. I realized that it was “the knife” I had talked about as young. The hand grabbed the sword and pulled it out. The “spiritual” flesh healed itself immediately, “water” poured into the “wound” and filled it. The hand disappeared with the sword up in the sky. I stood absolutely still on the pavement and I don´t think I was breathing at all. Then I suddenly realized.. my pain was gone! The terrible pain of carrying around a sword in a open wound was gone. I ran back to the appartement filled with joy!! My “pain body” was recuded to a quarter of the “normal”. What a day!!

   Much later on I went to see a psychic for a general viewing and also for a bit of fun. She suddenly mentioned Chr. and said that we had been together in an earlier life. He had been a bit mean to me then and now he wanted to make up for that in this life by helping me along subconsciously.

   The pieces suddenly fell into the right places: the trip to England was  planned by someone “from above” and sent to me in my dreams in advance; I understood my first spontaneous reaction when I met him; the “other man” in the bath room had an explanation. This was a karma relation. I had also become aware of that we carry “wounds” that come from earlier incarnations and that everything doesn´t have to come from child hood traumas. I have found a method called EFT and Emotrance  and now I clear out energy blocks from both this life and earlier on a daily basis. I now see a human as a form of a consciousness that take psychical form in many different “rooms”/lifes, maybe even at the same time. We don´t see “the whole” of it, since our conscious part concentrate on one room at the time.  I don´t think it would be of any use anyway. It would be like hearing all the radio channels at the same time! But now and then the doors open inbetween and sometimes they are not properly shut.. I also remember Jesus talking about “his father´s house that has many rooms”. Maybe he ment different lives/dimensions? In the gospel of Judas, Jesus go back and forth between different “generations” as he describes it and disapper suddenly out of sight of the apostels!

  Many years have now passed since I first came to England. Live has it own way with us. I never intended to go to England in the first place. France was always the dream. I have now come to love this country, so much richer than Sweden in culture, ways of living and possibilities for the individual, that I always need to come back, where ever I am. I am a “free spirit” of God, without any  real home on earth. Maybe that is my destiny.