The other day I was walking the dog by the rail road. There is a parking lot a bit “off” and now I saw some caravans standing there. It looked like a “settlement” I thought and wandered away. Next time I passed I saw a police car standing talking with some men there and three women leaving the spot in a hurry, in their long skirts and head scarfs. Aha, it was Romi people who tried to make a longer stop and “settle” down. I looked at them from my Swedish perspective. They felt so strange.
I went home and happened to come across a channel on Tv that showed the life of the Samis in the north of Sweden. A film crew followed their journey: they came to a place and started to put up the tent in an old fashion way, Some women in long skirt and head scarfs where proudly arranging things.
Suddenly I saw the ressemblance: the Romi at the parking lot, the Sami in the nature…
One group we adore as the free Sami of the north, the other group that interfer with us city people we detest.

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