a new city religion


I am now reading the Koran to compare it to the Bible.
Suddenly I realize that the three Abrahamistic religions came into being during the time the human branch change from 6 million years of gather/hunters into (now) 10.000 years of settlers/farmers. We were forced to cooperate more closely with a lot of other people from other tribes with other rules. The tribe wars had to end and a peaceful cooperation had to come. Therefore all of these laws concerning conduct, marriage, punishment, land owning, testamony etc that both the Bible and the Koran starts with. A whole new world order needed to be constructed.
We live again in another time of transformation; from agricultural life to city life. The old religions cannot help us and social chaos is increasing again.
What we need now is a new religion or a common ground that helps the city woman of Hong Kong to smoothly function with the city man of Chicago or the city man of Kuala Lumpur..
We city humans need to unite on a global basis to survive the conflicts arising of today. Either we make it or the profit monsters make us fight each other to the bitter end.

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