“The genius of the few” by Barbara Joy & Christian 0´Brien

One of the best books I have read lately – only in English.

The authors create a credible version of Eden, the Gods, the pre- history of the Middle East and its religions Christianity, Judaism and Islam.


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Here comes an extract of the love between ENLIL and NINLIL (p.61)

"Like a necklace, the splendid river, the shining river,
    flowed through the darkness.
The Lady Ninlil stood on the bank of the strongly-flowing
    river - savouring the darkness.
Gazing on it, she was entranced by the water - uplifted
    by the splendour.
The Lordly Father rejoiced on the Great Mountain; he gazed
  and was uplifted by the splendour;
the Teacher who was responsible for its Destiny, gazed on
   its glory and was captivated by its splendour.

The glorious water flowed strongly; his ecitement increased
   - in the darkness they kissed.
The heart of the Woman sang; her heart was completely captivated;
   desiring, she gave herself submissively:
he throw off his clothes; entering swiftly, his erect penis
   poured out life into her.
The river was shining - a shining river poured out into 
   the Woman.

The Lady Ninlil stood entranced on the river bank, captive
  of her Lord.
The Lord Enlil´s eyes were bright; the Lord´s eye were 
  shining - he looked tremblingly at her.
On the Great Mountain, the Father, Lord Enlil of the shining
  eyes, looked at her with trembling eyes;
her Teacher, who determined the future, he of the shining
  eyes, looked at her with trembling eyes.
His tender woman spoke - she was not ashamed to have his
   life-seed places in her womb.
The Lady Ninlil said to him: "Where you have bestowed your
   seed in my womb, new life will be established."

Kharsag; Epic 3.